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Fast. Affordable. Simple.

Raven Tools provides Looker Studio connectors that are fast, affordable, and direct. As the world shifts more towards digital processes, make sure your marketing reports are on the beat. Raven provides a family of social, search, and other Looker Studio connectors.

Individual Plan $24/mo

  • 1 User
  • Up to 20 Accounts
  • 1 Connector
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Raven Tools and its partners host a growing collection of connections. If you need it, we can connect to it. Combine several connectors and save more.

Facebook Page Insights

Facebook page Insights

Bring your Facebook Pages data into Looker Studio. Create world-class reports with 238 Dimensions and180 Metrics.

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Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads

Get Real-Time Data from Facebook Ads + Instagram Ads. Create Reports on 700+ Dimensions, Metrics, and Custom Conversions with a Free Template.

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Measure your retargeting campaign KPIs from AdRoll on Looker Studio. Create Reports with 138 Dimensions and 116 Metrics. 

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LinkedIn Ads

Create meaningful reports with 80+ metrics and 128 Dimensions like engagement, cost, video fields and go creative with Ad Previews 

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LinkedIn Pages

LinkedIn Pages

Get Organic vs Paid Followers, Page Stats, Share Stats data broken down by Member country, industry, Seniority, Staff Count, and more!

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Snapchat Ads

Measure the performance of your Snapchat Ads on Looker Studio with 180+ Metrics and 90+ Dimensions with a free template.

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HubSpot Analytics

Get Visitors, Leads, Subscribers, MQLs, SQLs, Customers data all the way from your HubSpot account right into Looker Studio. 

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Mailchimp (Beta)

Mailchimp is a free beta connector. Get a snapshot of your campaign metrics that include Total Emails Sent, Open Rate, Click-Through Rate, and more!

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Best in Class Data Connections


Bring data together in Looker Studio


Connect PPC, SEO email marketing and more


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Free templates to get you started, fast!

How It Works

Connect your ad accounts and start visualizing data in Looker Studio.

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Step 1

Connect your data source in Looker Studio

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Step 2

Connect to your Raven 14-day trial account

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Step 3

Visualize your data in Looker Studio

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Do I need a Raven subscription?

No. All you need to purchase is the Raven  Looker Studio connector.

Where can I visualize my data?

Create powerful visualizations for reports and dashboards in Looker Studio.

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes. Each of our Looker Studio connectors comes with a 14-day free trial. No credit card required. After the free trial, you can check out from within Raven.

Do you offer bundled discounts?

Yes. Looking for several connectors? Bundle from Raven or our partners and save.

Do you offer a platform, with a larger collection of data sources?

We do! We also offer a platform with over 240 individual connectors. If you need something like this, let’s get in touch.

Do you offer free templates?

We knew you would ask, yes we do! During your free trial you will get several free templates to customize to meet your needs.

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